Project Controls

The success of your project lies in the details, and with our comprehensive suite of project controls services we guarantee your success. With services ranging from robust tracking and report measures to keep all contributing members well-informed, to cost control measures to help you keep your project on budget, we provide the support you need to guarantee the success of your project.

  • Progress and Performance Reporting
  • Critical Issue Reporting
  • Variance Reporting
  • Management Reporting
  • Manpower Reports
  • Executive Summary Reports
Risk & Opportunity
  • Risk and Opportunity Identification
  • Identification of Mitigation Actions
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis (Monte Carlo)
  • Contingency and Risk Provision Establishment
Cost Control
  • Project Code of Accounts
  • Budget Control
  • Labour (manual / non-manual) Control
  • Material and Sub Contract Control
  • Forecasting
  • Project Cash Flow and Working Capital
  • Reconciliations
  • Scope Change Control
  • Engineering Control
  • Establishing the automated cost control system.
  • Monthly cost control reports comparing the Budget allowances with the actual cost.
  • Weekly manhours productivity reports showing actual rates vs the budget rates.
  • Equipment monthly productivity rates extracted from the budget to compare actual productivity vs budget.
Claim Analysis
  • Schedule Change Notices
  • Schedule Impact Management
  • Schedule Claim Analysis
Planning & Scheduling
  • Schedule Hierarchy
  • Milestone Summary Schedule
  • Engineering Control Schedule
  • Procurement Control Schedule
  • Construction Control Schedule
  • Production Control Schedule
  • Detailed Implementation Schedules
  • Testing & Commissioning Control Schedule
  • Quantity Tracking
  • Progress & Performance Curves
  • Primavera Schedule produced on different levels
  • Tender Schedules for Estimation purposes.
  • Updating the Schedules on monthly basis.
  • Commodities and resources charts and progress S curves.