Specialist Services

 Not every necessity fits nicely into a predetermined category — and that’s why we offer a suite of specialist services to help us meet the unique challenges of your project. Whether you need to gather a gauge as to the group and individual dynamics of your teams, need a hands-on mentoring program to get your project off the ground or simply need a different approach to presenting schedules to your management team, our special services help to bolster the support we provide for your construction project.

Six Sigma
  • Focus on human behavioural patterns.
  • Elimination of no value added process steps.
  • Factual analysis rather than anecdotal evidence.
Management Schedules
  • Developed at a summary level to communicate progress versus plan
  • Easy to read and interpret
  • Allows management to review project status at a glance.
Engineering Earned Value
  • Based on the principles of Earned Value.
  • Scope is identified, weighted and rules of credit applied.
  • Advanced output graphics provide powerful management information.
S-Curve Reporting
  • A powerful means to depict work volume over time.
  • Focus’s on delay to progress rather than a potentially manipulated delay to completion.
  • Shows incremental and cumulative variance to plan.
Mentoring / Training
  • Hands on approach to knowledge transfer.
  • Facilitation of the learning process.
  • Recognising and awarding good performance.